Gaggia Anima
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Gaggia Anima


The distinctive Gaggia Anima super-automatic espresso machine is the culmination of over 75 years of espresso making. With a simple and intuitive programming menu, and time tested innovations that enhance the quality of your brewing experience, the Anima brings barista-quality brewing into your home kitchen.

Featured Highlights:

  • Powerful 15-bar pump
  • Built-in ceramic burr grinder
  • Gaggia's innovative removable brew group
  • Two dedicated, programmable drink buttons
  • Adjustable brew temperature (177.5 °F, 182.9 °F, 184.5 °F), beverage volume, and pre-infusion – all of which can be saved
  • Bypass doser for pre-ground coffee
  • Pannarello steam wand

The Gaggia Optiaroma system lets you brew using 6.5 - 11.5 grams of coffee (in five increments).

Coffee is ground fresh for every brew cycle with the built-in ceramic burr grinder that can be set to one of five settings depending on the roast of your beans. The machine is also equipped with the Gaggia Adapting system which adjusts the grinding process to make sure that the correct amount of coffee is ground for your espresso. Should you prefer to use pre-ground coffee instead, the grinder can be bypassed entirely using the bypass doser to fill the brew group directly.

To prepare specialty milk drinks, the chrome plated Pannarello style steam wand injects air directly into your milk to produce rich, velvety milk foam. The steam wand can also be used to dispense hot water for drinks like a Cafe Americano or hot tea.

Cleaning and maintenance of the machine is made easy thanks to the removable brew group and automatic descaling cycle. Simply remove the brew group and rinse to prevent the buildup of coffee and oils to protect the performance and longevity of your machine. After idling for one hour, the Anima enters standby mode to conserve energy.

Accessories Included:

  • Measuring Spoon
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Water Hardness Test Strip
  • Brew Group Grease

Product Specifications:

Height (Inches): 13.38

Width (Inches): 8.7

Depth (Inches): 16.93

Weight (Lbs): 25