Gran Selezione
Gran Selezione Gran Selezione Gran Selezione
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Gran Selezione

Rich chocolate undertones
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Ground Coffee in a 12 oz. Bag

Gran Selezione comes exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™* coffee farms. It is a premium Arabica blend with intense flavor, chocolate undertones and a full-bodied taste. 100% fine Arabica, 100% sustainably grown. Available in 12 oz packs (ground).

*Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business, and consumer behavior.

Irish Coffee Recipe


Upside-Down Irish Coffee

The cream’s smooth texture meets the bold taste of whisky and the strong aroma of coffee. A warm, comforting recipe for the crisp autumn days.

Pour 250 ml of milk, 300 g of cream and 100 g of sugar in a saucepan. Heat on a low flame and, just before the cream comes to the boil, put 9 g of gelatin in a container with cold water and leave to soak for about two minutes.

As soon as the cream starts boiling, drain the gelatin and add it to the mix. Stir slowly and turn off the heat.

Add the whisky and stir until you obtain a smooth texture. Take 5 glasses, pour about 100 g of the mix in each one, and leave to rest in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.

When the coffee is ready, pour an espresso cup on the cream in each glass. The upside-down Irish coffee is now ready to be served.

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Coffee Panna Cotta

A traditional recipe revisited to surprise your palate. Experience the delightfully delicious contrast of ingredients of varying temperatures.

Iced Mocha

"Bavareisa Torinese", which is made of coffee, chocolate, and double cream, is the eighteenth-century version of the better known "Bicerin".