Coffee Variety Pack
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Coffee Variety Pack

Four 12oz. Bags of Ground Coffee

The Coffee Variety Pack is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a range of flavorful coffee blends. This pack includes Lavazza’s Classico, Grand Aroma, Gran Selezione, Perfetto and two Lavazza Mug, perfect for home, work and gifting. Featuring the iconic blue Lavazza label, the 10 oz mug is made of durable, white porcelain.

Classico offers a medium roast that’s well-balanced and rich, ideal for French Press or your coffee maker. Gran Aroma takes a different approach with its 100% Arabica from Colombia and Brazil for a smooth, floral aroma and citrus notes. For a dark, intense flavor, Gran Selezione takes 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Peru, Honduras, and Colombia for a full-bodied coffee with chocolate undertones. Lastly, Perfetto leaves you with bold caramel notes with its dark roasted blend of 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Brazil.